Sterilising of Instruments in the news again 06/05/2019

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May 2, 2019
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June 19, 2019


To all NZSSA Members

Many of you will have seen or heard this mornings article on the Breakfast Show on TV3. It stems from an OIA request sent out to all DHB’s post the event at Hawkes Bay DHB. I believe that the data that they collected and presented this morning was old data, of events that occurred previously.

It is never nice to know that it is your profession that is under the spotlight .                                                                                                                In saying that we all know that mistakes have happened in the past, However in looking to the future we as a group must ensure that there are no more errors going forward. Each and everyone of us is responsible for the work we do and we must be beyond reproach.

How do we do this?


  • Ensure that you have robust policy and procedure that reflects the standard.
  • Know the standard it is not just for managers to read.
  • Staff must be trained and qualified
  • Managers/Team Leaders need to stand up for what is best practice and not settle for anything less.
  • Sterile technicians need to remind their managers and team leaders as to what is best practice.
  • You have a scope of practice which all sterile technicians must comply with just as doctors and nurses have a scope of practice.
  • Remember that you are the experts in your field.


Let us all come through this difficult time better and stronger and supporting each other.  Large DHB’s help your smaller neighbours, small DHB’s ask for support.

best wishes

Shelagh Thomas

President NZSSA