UPDATE: Re AS/NZS 4187:2014
November 26, 2019
April 2, 2020

The NZSSA received a question asking if we should be doing anything different in CSSD during this crisis.

The answer is: NO. Do what you always do.

  • All used surgical single instruments and sets coming from theatre wards and clinics into the decontamination area are all classified as contaminated.
  • All staff in decontamination should be wearing full PPE of face shield, gown and gloves.
  • Safely dispose of used PPE after use.
  • Machine was and thermally disinfect all sets where possible.
  • Once sets have been washed process as normal in clean room.
  • Staff to ensure good hand hygiene practices.
  • No cell phones in CSSD
  • All surfaces in clean room and decontamination should be cleaned each morning.
  • Staff should wipe down key boards phones and scanners and workstations when they take over from another staff member.
  • If staff sick stay away from work.
  • Only CSSD staff to enter into the department. (as per MoH requirements 1 May 2019)
  • keep yourself safe in order to keep your colleagues and families safe.