Kerrison Rongeurs by Symmetry supplied by Obex

January 31, 2021
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February 28, 2021

Hi all

I received an interesting email with photos this morning regarding the above RMD. The manager of the CSSD concerned had been presented with the item but no MIFU. They queried the MIFU with Obex and was given a set of generic instructions but no specific instructions.

They were also told that many DHB’s in NZ are using this product without issue. That in itself is an issue and a statement often bandied around by reps to get out of a situation.

Fortunately this CSSD manager after having used the product a couple of times dismantled the item after cleaning as per the instructions  to find it was full of debris from the patients.

So what can they do.

*Show the photos to the surgeon so that they can see they are compromising patient care.

*Add this item to their DHB’s risk register

*Advise the supplier that they must provide validated cleaning instructions for that specific instrument or have it returned a and replaced with one that can be dismantled.

*Complete event forms that require open disclosure to the patient regarding the fact that the instruments are not as clean as they should be.

No RMD should be purchased without the prior approval from CSSD leader re suitability for cleaning.

AS/NZS4187:2014: 2.4.2 Purchasing states:

section(b): Involvement of the reprocessing facility manager in the selection process prior to the purchase of an RMD

section(c): Evaluation to ensure compatability with the reprocessing systems available for use in the reprocessing facility.

section(g): Provision of documented and validated reprocessing instructions in accordance with ISO17664 for RMD’s (including trial and loan RMD’s)

rongeur 1       rongeur 2

If any of you are using the above rongeurs please contact me as I would like to know how you are guaranteeing that they are clean on the inside. This may be helpful to others.


Shelagh Thomas