Executive membership

Executive membership

The National Executive is determined by clause 14 of the Constitution and Rules as set out below:

14 National Executive

14.1: The affairs of the Association shall be administered by 12 members: A President, a Secretary and 10 members from the 2 Chapters as defined in Rule 13. These shall be elected by Postal Vote or if necessary at the National A.G.M.

14.2: All nominees must signify their acceptance in writing to the Secretary at the time of nomination.

14.3: All members shall retire every three years but will be eligible for re-election.

14.4: If the number of qualified and eligible persons validly nominated is not more than the positions to be filled, the person so nominated shall be declared to be duly elected.

14.5: Any Annual General Meeting shall have the power to vary the number of members in the National Executive.

14.6: Honorary and Associate Members are not eligible for election to Executive Office.

14.7: All members of the Executive including the President and Secretary are to be nominated and seconded in writing by two financial members of the Association. Nominations must be presented to the Secretary three months prior to the tri-annual General Meeting of Elections.

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