Welcome to the New Zealand Sterile Sciences Association

NZSSA is the professional body for NZ Sterile Services, promoting high quality of service delivery and patient care outcomes, achieved through education and professional representation.

The association’s main objectives are:

  • To foster, promote and encourage interest amongst the members of the Association and others in the study of medical device reprocessing sciences.
  • To promote and encourage the implementation and upgrading of principles and practices of medical device reprocessing sciences.
  • To encourage the publication of any useful information relating to Sterile Sciences practices.
  • To promote conferences for the consideration of all questions concerning medical device reprocessing.
  • To liaise with other sterilisation ‘associations’ throughout the world in an effort to increase knowledge and understanding of medical device reprocessing  sciences and to share that information with all members.
  • To work with government departments and regulatory authorities to improve practice and increase the understanding of medical device reprocessing sciences.

Latest News

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