Application for NZSSA Registration


To provide an avenue for Technicians to demonstrate ongoing professionalism and promote development of qualified personnel in this young profession.

Membership v Registration

Membership (annual renewal) means you are a member of the NZSSA. There are different levels of membership. To maintain your membership with the NZSSA you need to pay the subscription each year. Annual subscription is $60.00

Registration (every three (3) years from 1 April 2023) is a separate process where you demonstrate you are maintaining your professional knowledge and practice. As part of registration you need to provide proof you are a financial member of the NZSSA. Registration when approved lasts for three (3) years. You must still pay your NZSSA membership subscription each year.

What are we looking for in the registration process?

When a Technician achieves the Certificate in Sterilising Technology, it is not considered to be the end of their learning. The certificate identifies that the Technician has achieved knowledge & skills to allow them to work independently in a reprocessing environment when they have achieved the workplace competencies. When a Technician becomes registered, they have a responsibility to keep their skills and knowledge current by actively engaging in relevant, on-going and continuing professional development. Ultimately, it is about contributing to high quality patient care.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is described as:
“Continuing professional development is a range of learning activities through which health professionals maintain and develop throughout their career to ensure that they retain their ability to practice safely and legally within their scope of practice” (Health Professions Council UK).

The registration process is for the Technician to demonstrate that they have continued their learning and development through self-directed learning and that such learning aids the Technician in ensuring that they meet the requirements of the New Zealand Sterile Sciences Association (NZSSA), scope of practice for Technicians. The professional body is seeking evidence that the Technician has put thought into their future learning and development, and how that fits in with their vision of their future career pathway. The NZSSA are also looking for the technician to illustrate their learning and development through reflection upon their practice.

How to become a Registered Technician?

This applies to all Sterile Technicians holding a Certificate in Sterilising Technology, Advanced Certificate in Sterilising Technology Level 5 or Diploma in Sterilising Technology. The requirement is that all applications be submitted electronically via email or online share link as an electronic portfolio format or zipped folder and include:

  • Completed application form.
  • Verification of NZSSA membership being current.
  • Current curriculum vitae of applicant.
  • Copy of Professional Development Plan (PDP).
  • Copy of professional development record (evidence of ongoing education/learning)
  • Confirmation of a minimum of 40 practice hours as a Sterilising a relevant environment e.g. CSSD, Endoscopy, Dental Clinic, Veterinary Practice, GP Clinic
  • Reflection of practice x 2 for Advanced Cert or Diploma applicants.
  • Reflection of practice x 1 for Certificate in Sterilising Technology applicants.

Your portfolio will be assessed by either Maureen Scott or Kelly Swale. Please email your portfolio or either Maureen or Kelly, not both.

Maureen Scott:

Kelly Swale:

You may email the individual files, zip folder or provide a share link for your portfolio through the email provided.

Note: Paul has stood down from doing the registrations and Kelly Swale is now doing it with Maureen.

Applications for registration are accepted throughout the year. Please send in when you have it ready.

Examples to assist with your application for registration

Information supplied down the right side is all present to assist and guide you with becoming or renewing your registration. Below are links to examples of Continuing education, CV templates and exemplar examples.

Continuing education

Each applicant must have a minimum of 20 hours education over a three (3) year period. Continuing education recognised for registration includes work based, professional activities, formal education and Self-directed learning.

Click here for sources of continuing professional development. 

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Your CV is the story of you in succinct format. Here is a standard template to get you started – CV Template. In addition an example of the information to be included – CV Example.


As you will see from the guides the exemplar is a story that demonstrates your learning and the outcomes from that learning from an incident or event that has helped you grow in your role as a Technician. Here are two examples of exemplars:

Sample 1  

Sample 2

Thank you to the Registered Technicians that gave permission for the Association to share their work.